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  • How Do I Choose A Home Care Provider?


    Not all home care providers are alike. Make sure to do your homework and research all of the agencies you are considering before making your final decision. When choosing a home provider, one has many things to consider. The top ten things that should be on everyone’s list to make sure you are making the best decision are:

    1. Licensing - Make sure the provider you go with is licensed and insured within the state that you are seeking service.
    2. Past Client Referrals – Ask them to refer you to clients who have used their services in the past. At least a few of their past clients should be willing to give a good word for the provider – that is, of course, if that provider is worth giving a good word for.
    3. Complete Satisfaction Plan – If things don’t work out with the first caregiver you are paired with, for whatever reason, there should be a contingency plan in place to have another caregiver available for you. Remember, their focus should be your complete satisfaction.
    4. Caregiver Hiring Process – How SMART is their hiring process? At QHS, we have a SMART hiring process.  Call us for details.  Do they thoroughly screen each of their potential caregivers to ensure that you will be completely satisfied and safe in your home?
    5. Staff Availability – Are they available to you 24 hours a day, EVERY day of the week?
    6. Turnaround Time – How quickly can they begin your services? Are they able to get a caregiver to you within 24 hours after your inquiry?
    7. Affordability – Are they affordable? Do they fit in your budget?
    8. Payment Options – Are they able to take different forms of payment including checks, credit cards, and insurance?
    9. Reputation - Are they well established in the community with an outstanding reputation? Have they been in business long enough to gain the experience required to serve your needs?
    10. Customer Service – How does the staff treat you? You can judge long before a caregiver comes to your home what your experience would be like by simply seeing how you are treated by the people behind the scenes. Make sure they are cordial, attentive and really seek to assess your needs properly so that you are set up for exactly the service you need – no more, no less.
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