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  • How do I get my loved one to eat?

    There is nothing more difficult and frustrating than seeing your client or loved one lose weight due to missed or skipped meals or plain loss of appetite.  A common nutritional problem that can affect many elderly individuals is known as cachexia-anorexia, which is a progressive and involuntary disorder.  The people with this disorder are “wasting-away” from the lack of vitamins and nutrients.  Remember to consult a physician about the specific dietary needs of your loved one.

    Some Tips

    • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can lead to appetite suppression.
    • Eat small meals – 6 per day
    • Bulk up on the amount of calories per meal / Add protein powder mix to drinks
    • Serve soft foods that are tasty and easy to digest (pudding, ice cream, smoothies)
    • Make it tasty – Don’t serve bland or sour tasting foods
    • Empower them to make decisions on what they would like to eat
    • Present appetizing meals by accenting the plate with a garnish (i.e. strawberry or melon)
    • Play soft music or have relaxing conversation to take their mind off not feeling well
    • Keep a food diary on foods that may irritate them, which could signal problems such as digestive problems or irritable bowel syndrome to further discuss with a doctor
    • Try to get them moving (light exercising, folding laundry, etc) to build up an appetite
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