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Specialized Care

Complex health situations can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. Navigating  the homecare system can be difficult to manage even for the most astute and prepared individual. Our expert team is experienced in handling the most challenging circumstances. At QHS, we provide tailored services and programs designed for each individual client, which may include one or all of the care offerings below to ensure optimal wellness.

Alzheimer Care

Our caregivers have specialized knowledge and skills in dealing with memory loss and clients at risk due to impaired judgment. We can assist other dementia related illnesses and provide mind-stimulating activities, supervise daily activities, create social interaction, maintain a safe environment, provide nutritious meals, help to manage changing behaviors and support the family

Same Day Care Program

After discharge from a facility or out-patient procedure, we will set up your transition back home along with care and transport services at very affordable rates

Couples Program

We also offer a solution for couples living together who are enduring the stress of self-care and provide an in-home affordable option

Medication Management

This service is offered by our highly skilled professionals who provide ongoing oversight of your medication regime, which includes administering meds, monitoring effectiveness and client teaching about potential adverse reactions.